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Blueprint Retirement Advisors is borne of a sincere desire to use process-driven planning to help clients make the most of their financial resources.  Mike Wilson—founder, concept driver, and president—designed the company as an opportunity to deliver a high level of personal service to business owners and individual investors.


As a builder’s blueprint is the essential first step in the building process, a financial blueprint is an equally essential step for any individual constructing a sound, reliable, and lasting financial structure.


​Blueprint Retirement Advisors works closely with its clients, using the Blueprint Design Review process to help them reach a work-optional lifestyle.  Each client’s unique needs shape the outcome of the process. 


"If you knew someone’s success was based on predictions, speculation and forecasts about future events, AND  you knew that the future we face is random and unpredictable, then you can conclude that their success is probably not repeatable. So, EVEN IF you could get their help for FREE it wouldn’t be prudent to try." - John Resnick,



In founding Blueprint Retirement Advisors, Mike Wilson builds on his thirty years of experience in advising clients about strategic financial decisions. Previously, he owned and operated his own captive insurance agency, working with over 1,400 households to coordinate their financial and insurance plans. Over those thirty years, Mike earned the top honors for his agency—including the Bronze Tablet, Silver Scroll, and Golden Triangle awards.


Mike holds a B.S. in Production Management and an M.B.A. in Marketing from California State University, Hayward. He has also earned two professional designations, Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), from the American College of Financial Services.


Mike’s ongoing commitment to prioritizing client interests includes professional development and continuous learning. Taking his fiduciary role very seriously, he sees himself as a client advocate and centers facts and accuracy at the core of every conversation.


When not working as a financial advisor, Mike enjoys fishing, cooking, and travel—and most of all, spending time with wife, Michelle, and his children, Rachel and Alexander.



Blueprint Retirement Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor, and as such gladly accepts the role of a Fiduciary for its clients.  Investopedia explains the Fiduciary role as follows:

"A fiduciary's responsibilities or duties are both ethical and legal. When a party knowingly accepts the fiduciary duty on behalf of another party, they are required to act in the best interest of the principal, the party whose assets they are managing. This is what is known as a "prudent person standard of care," a standard that originally stems from an 1830 court ruling. 

This formulation of the prudent-person rule required that a person acting as fiduciary was required to act first and foremost with the needs of beneficiaries in mind. Strict care must be taken to ensure no conflict of interest arises between the fiduciary and their principal.”





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Blueprint believes broadly structured, Passive Management portfolios help clients avoid hype, high fees, and hidden agendas that undermine results over time. We offer portfolios built by Efficient Advisors of Philadelphia.

Efficient Advisors’ Disciplined Wealth Portfolios℠ are managed according to the covenants of Modern Portfolio theory and adhere to four key elements:

  1. A core philosophy of strategic asset allocation, as opposed to a tactical- or dynamic-allocation approach.

  2. A commitment to broadly diversified, global portfolios with passive or passive-leaning underlying investments.

  3. A strong adherence to Nobel Prize-winning academic research, which has identified certain risk “factors,” and from which investors might expect to earn a higher return over time.

  4. A use of low-cost underlying investments whenever possible.


Portfolios constructed by Efficient Advisors use a multi-factor approach that takes strategic “tilts" toward risk factors including (but not limited to):

  • Size: Premium for exposure to smaller, versus larger, company stocks.

  • Relative Price: Premium for exposure to value, versus growth, stocks.

  • Profitability: Premium for exposure to higher profitability stocks.

  • Volatility: Premium for exposure to low-profitability, not high-volatility, stocks.

  • Momentum: Premium for exposure to recently positive-price-momentum stocks.




Blueprint Retirement Advisors works with business owners and plan sponsors to build and manage ERISA-based plans, such as: 

  • 401k                                       

  • 403b

  • Profit Sharing


  • Payroll Deduction


A plan's sponsor, according to ERISA rules, is both a Fiduciary and the plan’s Prudent Investment Expert. These roles make you personally liable for what happens with the investments inside the plan. Such a risk poses significant personal liability—and is completely unnecessary.

We offer plans structured with a § 3(38) election. These plans allow you, a plan sponsor, to shift 100% of your fiduciary liability to the investment advisor. Working with Blueprint and a § 3(38) election shifts your role as the plan sponsor from a fiduciary role to a monitoring role.

Once your plan is in place, Blueprint offers regular participant education sessions (on-site or online), so all plan participants can stay current with their retirement investments.

In addition to ERISA planning services, we use the Blueprint Design Review process to help business owners to maximize cash flow and minimize taxes and expenses. 


Blueprint works with individuals who aspire to a work-optional lifestyle.  Using the Blueprint Design Review process along with financial modeling software, we help clients fine tune their retirement plans.  We focus on process, not products, and only make recommendations after engaging in the process.  



As an individual investor, you can hold tax-qualified funds in a current or former employer’s 401k plan, or an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or a Roth IRA. There are several options for maintaining or improving the tax status of these funds. Discussing Rollover or Conversion scenarios with Blueprint can help you maximize the tax efficiency of your retirement plan.


Non-tax-qualified investments also require especially diligent and disciplined management, because there are no limits to access

Blueprint will work with you to ensure your non-tax-qualified investments fit into a comprehensive, retirement income plan.