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Small Business Tax Planning

If you asked a small business owner what their top 3 frustrations were, you’d hear the word “taxes” almost every time. Working with Blueprint means that taxes and tax efficiency are a priority, and our solutions are anything but status quo. 

Business owners are frustrated with out-of-control taxes. What’s even more frustrating is the only solutions ever offered are the same old, worn-out solutions that everyone uses. Is that true for you?

Small- and medium-sized business owners pay someone to take care of the necessary evil of taxes, but they rarely come away with anything other than Deductions and Deferrals. Just like everyone else.

As President of Blueprint Retirement Advisors, I help small business owners reduce their frustrations by giving them access to tax and financial tools traditionally only used by large corporations. Using the Blueprint Design Review process and Retirement Analyzer software, I use those tools to design solutions to address the unique circumstances of each client.

Within just a few months of working together, my clients are frequently able to: 

  • See a tangible pathway to lower federal taxes

  • Understand where and how expanded benefits can be realized

  • Learn and apply a new philosophy for evidence-based investing

  • Develop a strategy to increase business value and personal wealth

Employee Retirement Plans

Blueprint Retirement Advisors works with business owners and plan sponsors to build and manage ERISA-based plans, such as: 

  • 401k

  • 403b

  • Profit Sharing


  • Payroll Deduction


According to ERISA rules, the sponsor is the plan’s Prudent Investment Expert. This role makes them personally liable for what happens with the investments inside the plan. Such a risk poses significant personal liability—and is completely unnecessary.

We recommend offloading this fiduciary responsibility by structuring the plan with a 3(38) election, which allows a plan sponsor to shift 100% of the fiduciary liability to the investment advisor. Working with Blueprint and a 3(38) election shifts the plan sponsor's role from a fiduciary to a monitor. Additional responsibility can be shifted using the 3(16) election, which removes the duties of plan management and administration from the sponsor. Once your plan is in place, regular participant education sessions (on-site or online) are offered, so all plan participants can stay current with their retirement investments.

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