We use the Blueprint Design Review process to guide clients as they evaluate and make financial decisions for both long and short term issues.  No products or strategies are recommended without careful examination of the entire financial picture. 

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Blueprint Retirement Advisors works with business owners and plan sponsors to build and manage ERISA-based plans, such as: 

  • 401k                                       

  • 403b

  • Profit Sharing


  • Payroll Deduction


A plan's sponsor, according to ERISA rules, is both a Fiduciary and the plan’s Prudent Investment Expert. These roles make you personally liable for what happens with the investments inside the plan. Such a risk poses significant personal liability—and is completely unnecessary.

We offer plans structured with a § 3(38) election. These plans allow you, a plan sponsor, to shift 100% of your fiduciary liability to the investment advisor. Working with Blueprint and a § 3(38) election shifts your role as the plan sponsor from a fiduciary role to a monitoring role. Once your plan is in place, Blueprint offers regular participant education sessions (on-site or online), so all plan participants can stay current with their retirement investments.

In addition to ERISA planning services, we use the Blueprint Design Review process to help business owners to maximize cash flow and minimize taxes and expenses. 


Blueprint works with individuals who aspire to a work-optional lifestyle.  Using the Blueprint Design Review process along with financial modeling software, we help clients fine tune their retirement plans with the goal of optimizing retirement income and minimizing taxes.  We focus on process, not products, and only make recommendations after engaging in the process.  

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